Tuesday 3 September 2013

My computer

Welcome to new viewers from Venezuela. We will be adding your flag to "Hello World".

My laptop's so ancient it's steam-powered.
It chugs. I can hear its cogs turning.
The keyboard becomes overheated,
Though I haven't yet smelled something burning.

I get messages saying "High Usage".
There are ads that announce I've won cash.
Some of these block certain buttons,
And cause headaches whenever they flash.

Get internet service through Orange,
Which is nowadays powered by "EE".
I haven't a clue what this stands for.
The name, it means nothing to me.

The WiFi comes through a black gizmo.
On the front, four green lights you can find.
These sometimes elect to do nothing,
But they blink if they feel so inclined.

If they're active, connections are working,
But sometimes they fancy a rest.
A signal from BT takes over.
Is this down to some button I pressed?

My machine has its quirks and its foibles.
Won't perform what I want it to do.
I have tricks to get round certain problems.
These don't work if the screen has turned blue.

I've reached an unhappy conclusion.
My computer - it isn't much cop.
Disobedient, wilful and lazy,
It has two speeds: one's slow and one's stop.


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