Saturday 7 September 2013

Pot Noodles

Welcome to new viewers from Malta, Columbia and French Polynesia. Your flags have been added to "Hello World".

Had scanned the supermarket shelves,
My quest - a ready meal.
Found boxed-up deli noodles,
Which seemed to be ideal.

I pulled the little "open" tab,
Which bent a bit, I think.
Tugged harder. Contents scattered
To the worktop, floor and sink.

The instructions on the carton
Were in tiny print - and blue.
I went to get my glasses,
To read what I must do.

"Pour in boiling water
To the line inside the pot."
I peered into said vessel,
But find it? I could NOT.

At last, a faint indented ridge
Could be identified.
I took the just-boiled kettle,
And dutifully complied.

I stirred the mixed ingredients.
Two minutes...stirred some more...
I went to pick the post up,
Which had just come through the door.

The meal, a short while later,
By some miracle was tasty.
(Though the peas in it were somewhat hard,
So perhaps I'd been too hasty?)

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