Monday 16 February 2015

Orange email problems

Just what's going on please with Orange?
(A word with which no other rhymes),
I can't seem to access my emails:
This keeps happening too many times.

Last week, and again on a Sunday,
My messages were not displayed.
The service was back in the morning,
So I wasn't unduly dismayed.

But the problem recurred only yesterday,
And today it's the same sorry state.
It is Monday. I need to get going,
And the glitch only serves to frustrate.

"Oops sorry" the words I am seeing.
"We're trying to fix..." it's insisted.
"Contact us," I am invited,
"Choose your subject..." but email's not listed.

In time I discovered some numbers,
On which callers could ring with their moans.
But not one related to email:
They were only for broadband and phones.

"How to get round this?" I wondered,
"When the service from Orange is rotten?"
I've another account I remembered,
The password for which I'd forgotten.

So I told "Live" I needed reminding.
We'll email a new one's imparted.
But they're sending the details to Orange,
Which leaves me right back where I started.

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