Sunday 10 November 2013

R.I.P. Sweep

He wanted love, to be protected,
But as a pup, was sad...neglected.
He didn't have the best of starts,
But quickly won new owners' hearts.
Security at last he'd found,
And thus became a happy hound.

Any sign of food was good.
He took his chances where he could.
Beneath the high chair always stopped,
To clear up crumbs that might have dropped.
He recognised the fridge door click,
Then proved himself alert and quick.

He'd come - with strange lopsided gait -
Would wag his tail, and sit and wait.
Appealing eyes and yours would meet;
Resistance failed: he'd get his treat.
In recent weeks,though clearly ailing,
His loyalty remained unfailing.

He proved himself the truest friend
And this was so, until the end.
Epitome of real devotion,
His loss means only one emotion.
In loving arms, he went to sleep.
Rest in peace. We miss you Sweep.

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