Sunday 5 February 2017

My (now insomniac) computer

Unlike me, my laptop
Didn't have a cold and cough.
But clearly it was ailing
For it kept on nodding off.

I cajoled it very nicely
And remembered to say, "Please".
I pressed F1, I pressed Escape
And sundry other keys.

I tried very hard to rouse it.
It was sworn at, hit and shaken.
I clicked the mouse both left and right.
But it did not reawaken.

I took it to our local geek.
The trick he tried was neat:
Three buttons held down firmly -
Control plus Alt, Delete.

My computer then sprang back to life,
So good this magic touch.
His expertise cost just five pounds.
I thanked him very much.

The narcolepsy problem
Had been down to Windows 10,
So he'd tweaked its inner workings.

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