Thursday 1 June 2017

NatWest (yet again)

My account has certain "benefits" -
If by plane you are embarking,
One such perk is money off
The cost of airport parking.

I tried ringing "travel services".
They answered me anon.
There were four "press key pad" options,
But parking wasn't one.

I hit a random number,
Was to someone then put through.
Asked him how to book a car park?
Was told, "Haven't got a clue."

I tried logging into "membership"
And wasn't much surprised
When the email that they always use
Was bounced "unrecognized".

But another means was offered
And, determined to persist,
I typed in all my details....
Got "account does not exist".

I ventured into "web chat",
(Wearing thin now my endurance,)
Tracey told me that she couldn't help:
Dealt only with insurance.

I wrote a careful email.
It got sent! The system worked!
But responses take "around two days" -
A fact which really irked.

Though some money off our parking
Would be really very nice,
We've ignored NatWest and booked it -
And we've had to pay full price.

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