Saturday 1 June 2013

Woman follows sat-nav's "scenic route"

A lady from Belgium
Set off in her car.
The journey she planned
Wasn't really that far.
She was meeting a friend,
Who by train was arriving.
She'd programmed the sat-nav,
And then begun driving.

Just thirty-eight miles
Was the distance to travel.
She relied on the sat-nav,
The way to unravel.
She followed instructions,
Her faith in them blind,
(And was later to claim
She'd a lot on her mind.)

She pulls in at one point
And has a short sleep,
Then continues refreshed
On the route she must keep.
Several times, she refuels
On the way to the station,
Barely noting the road signs,
(These now are Croatian.)

At last, in Zagreb,
She will twig to her cost
That she's been through six countries
And might well be lost.
Mum's reported as missing
Back home by her son.
A manhunt is planned
Though has not yet begun.

We've all had to query
What sat-navs are stating.
(The reports do not say
If the friend is still waiting.)

Sabine Moreau, aged 67, drove 900 miles without noticing that the road signs she was passing were in different languages (and presumably without checking whether she was on schedule to meet the train).

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