Wednesday 12 June 2013

The year in verse (July to December)

(A welcome to viewers in Malaysia. Your flag has been added to "Hello World".)

At last, we can enjoy July.
Bees gently buzz, small insects fly
On busy and yet aimless wings.
We scratch their bites, and tend to stings.

The August holidays are here:
Crowded beaches, tepid beer,
Airport queues and suspect food.
These all promote a restful mood.

September - shorter grows the day.
Cosy nights are on their way.
The children back to school are sent.
We wonder where the summer went.
For me, the last night of the proms signals the end of summer

October: glowing autumn trees
And, drifting on the cooling breeze,
Are leaves that dance, and when it rains,
Form sodden heaps which block the drains.

November: Bonfire Night draws nigh,
And fireworks streak the darkened sky.
We watch. The cold air chills our blood.
We're standing ankle-deep in mud.

December: Christmas-time once more.
It's sorties to the tinselled store.
We brave the queues and fight the fight,
And quash the thought that Scrooge was right.

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