Friday 7 June 2013

Helpful banking? June 2013

At last, good news can be reported:
The ISA stuff was quickly sorted.
But just today, again I sigh.
Euros..on-line... how to buy?

Such a simple thing to do,
If they'd provide but one small clue.
There are some tabs in front of me,
But none of them says "currency".

Again I try that great suggestion:
"We're here to help, so ask a question."
My query then I duly keyed,
Said exactly what I need.

The answer was that I should try
A new account - to qualify.
Am frazzled now. My brain is fuzz.
The one I have already does!

The service thus should be available,
But access to it unassailable.
Delivered cash would be fantastic:
Abroad it costs to use your plastic.

And that's another thing that's hard,
Those charges on one's credit card...
If helpful steps NatWest has made,
From where I look, they're retrograde.

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