Friday 14 June 2013

Ella asks THAT question

Dressed herself!
Her Daddy is a gardener,
And tells her all she needs
To understand that bigger things
Can grow from tiny seeds.

So, when Ella asked that question,
I.e. how she came about,
There should not have been a problem,
Nor any room for doubt,

But the "Mummy/Daddy made you" thing
Still caused parental groans:
Had they been somewhere to find or buy
The necessary bones?

Are thought processes genetic?
Ella's Mummy had seen fit
To believe she'd come in pieces,
Like some self-assembly kit.*

I too had asked that question
In my very early youth.
Mum told me how I happened,
And she always spoke the truth.

She collected Persil packet tops -
I think she'd needed five -
If you sent them off (plus postage),
A baby would arrive.

She didn't change this story,
To this day, she never has,
Though she swapped her brand of powder:
Got my brother free with Daz!

*"The facts of life - a true story" (published 10th February)

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