Friday 16 December 2016

My not so clever computer (again)

At short breaks, it has sussed I've been looking -
As a change from my normal abode -
But why is it offering Barnsley,
Which is dull and is just up the road?

Floaty tops in the style that I favour,
Have popped up in a series of pics.
But they're 22 plus and enormous.
I'm quite small and I take a size six.

It knows I've been searching for hoodies.
There's a photo of one I'd adore.
It is grey, furry-lined, warm and cosy -
And the largest on offer's AGE FOUR.

Some "Big Brother" has clearly been watching,
He has twigged what I've thought of procuring.
But he still doesn't know all about me:
It's a notion that's so reassuring.

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