Tuesday 4 November 2014

Dental implants

Life was pretty torrid:
My partial plate was horrid.
Not comfy and a source of irritation.
I really couldn't bear it,
And in private didn't wear it -
Which caused a lot of wrinkle-devastation.

My mouth had half-collapsed,
And I knew, as time elapsed,
This was something that was surely bound to worsen.
I felt elderly, a crone,
In some tooth-deficient zone.
And lived my life as only half a person.

Maybe implants could assist,
And make good what I so missed?
There were measurements and X-rays now to check.
And of course there'd be a cost,
To replace what had been lost,
But the desperate must think, "Oh what the heck!"

It could work - but only just -
"Pros and cons" were then discussed,
And at last the course of treatment's underway.
I opened wide. I bit,
And for hours on end I'd sit,
Dreaming of the last appointment day.

Aching jaws would be a drag.
"Impressions" make one gag.
In particular, I don't much like injections.
But I really didn't care:
Step by step, we're getting there -
And every process has its imperfections.

Then the final stage arrived.
It seemed we'd all survived.
My new pearly whites were firmly screwed in place.
The future's looking sweet.
I don't lisp and I can eat,
With an unembarrassed smile upon my face.

I was liberated, free -
Fully back to being "me",
I had teeth! - and the effect was quite dramatic
On the summarizing note,
"Patient happy" Stuart wrote.
I told him that he should have put "ecstatic".

With many thanks to Stuart and all his team
at Eckington Dental practice:

A warm welcome to our new viewers from Chile. I think yours is the 100th country to visit this blog spot. Felicidades! (Decepcionante, no hay premio.)

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