Sunday 26 October 2014

A peaceful hotel in Lisbon

But the view was wonderful
We'd been warned that the centre was busy,
A place where the lager louts riot,
Where the traffic and trams could be noisy,
That a bit further out would be quiet.

Our hotel seemed the perfect location -
It was right by a beautiful park -
We decided to sit on the terrace.
We were tired. It was just getting dark.

A very loud noise then assailed us,
As a jet flew low over our heads.
On the flight path we were, to the airport,
A misfortune that everyone dreads.

But this wasn't all. From below us,
Guitars screeched to amplified boom.
A very bad rock band was "playing".
We retreated then into our room.

We shut doors and windows behind us,
Drew the curtains that these were adorning,
But the sounds of the concert defied them.
We vibrated till two in the morning.

Welcome to our new viewers from Slovenia, Jordan, Vietnam, Paraguay, El Salvador and the Bahamas. Your flags have been added to the "Hello World" blog (April 2013)

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