Saturday 9 February 2013

Computer security

My accounts may be prone to attack
From those whose desire is to hack.
"Keep your password "hygienic" and "clean"",
Am advised - not quite sure what they mean.

It could have a nice lemony whiff
Should I choose to type something like "Cif".
If "Domestos" were what was preferred,
Maybe viruses might be deterred?.....

......Have been looking in all the right places,
And it says you should mIX uP tHe CasEs.
Add symbols and numbers and stuff:
To confuse, think this might be enough.

*!GoBbLD>y9-goOK$ what I seek,
To thwart the unscrupulous geek.
So that's what I'll use - nothing less -
As something that no one could guess.


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