Monday 4 February 2013

Richard III

Richard III
Richard the Third
As you've probably heard,
Has been found in the city of Leicester.
And thus it appears
After five hundred years,
His body was left there to fester.

To what sort of fame
Can this monarch lay claim?
Of two murders he's guilty, it's feared.
As a suspect was prime
Of this horrible crime,
When his nephews one day disappeared.

Some people may say
That they stood in his way:
(The older boy, Edward, was king).
All very suspicious -
Our Rich was ambitious -

Facial reconstruction from skeleton
Which explains why he'd do such a thing.

He was not safely crowned...
Two years later, it's found
Henry Tudor a great threat now poses.
On Bosworth's fair field,
Richard's fate's quickly sealed,
And so end the Wars of the Roses.
Body found under a car park

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