Tuesday 9 April 2013

Competition results

After the interesting process of getting a three year old to listen carefully to 138 questions, home in on a manageable shortlist and finally choose a favourite, we are pleased to announce the following:

The winner of the M&S voucher and book is Fiona Barton
(Baa baa maroon sheep, Do you know Peppa Pig?)
Well done Fiona - Ella is a huge PP fan, so you were clearly on the right wavelength!

The runners-up are:
David Proctor  (Can we watch CBaabies?) We were surprised she got the pun, but she did!
Chris Livesley (Do you think Ella would like to share 48 M&S vanilla cupcakes with me?) Still don't know
                          whether that's a request or an offer.
Nikki Glanville (How does it feel to look different from your woolly neighbours? (I'm not different, I just  
                           look different, it's a fashion thing!)) From the list of Ella's likes, this got the "adult
                           assistance" consensus.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who took part. There were some excellent  entries, and some even scanned properly!

Please can the winners e-mail us (details on the Contacts page) with their addresses.

A blog inspired by two entries, which were on a similar theme, will be posted shortly


  1. Thank you much for picking my question..My daughter is also PP mad x

  2. Well done again Fiona. I hope your prize has arrived. Will pass on your thanks to Ella, whom we had to keep going with regular bribes of M&S jelly sweets. And you are only the second person to post a comment on the blogspot (the first was an alien, who responded to "Is there anybody out there?"!).