Monday 18 May 2020

Coping with lockdown

We've cleaned nooks and crannies, and rolled back the rugs.
We've polished the silver, and bleached tea-stained mugs.

Sorting out drawers was a chore we once dreaded.
Now our paperwork's filed, neatly labelled or shredded.

These days, we have time for those long-postponed tasks.
We've stitched those old headscarves, and made ourselves masks.

We've dusted down boxes, and what they contain
May have prompted a wander down Memory Lane.

We've weeded and mowed. Now all's tidy al fresco.
And we've mastered the system for shopping at Tesco.

Every cough has brought panic, in case we are ailing.
Our hair has grown long, and our teeth need de-scaling.

We've all been alert, as the rules now require us.
And we pray that there'll soon be an end to the virus.

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