Tuesday 9 June 2015

Billy the ghost sniffer dog

Freddie had been dreaming
And was feeling rather scared.
He thought a ghost was in his room,
But Mummy was prepared.

She went and woke up Billy
For the small boy knows full well
That terriers are hunters,
With a well-honed sense of smell.

The dog was told quite simply
What his mission was about:
To investigate the bedroom,
And to sniff the blighter out.

The search was then conducted.
Tail a-wagging off Bill went.
He examined every corner,
But of spooks there was no scent.

Any spectre that was hiding
Could not remain un-found.
But no wraith was slyly lurking
As Bill wandered nose to ground.

There simply were no phantoms
In the places he explored,
So Freddie could go back to sleep,
Completely reassured.

1 comment:

  1. Billy the ghost sniffer dog. Freddie had been dreaming. And was feeling rather scared. He thought a ghost was in his room.
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