Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Perils of On-line Surveys

It seemed I'd won a voucher
But must register to claim.
They already knew my email,
And my whereabouts and name.

These details I re-enter:
It seems innocent enough.
But they then ask for my income
And all that sort of stuff.

I complete a few more sections,
And suspicious now I feel.
Surely all this isn't needed
Just for five pounds off a meal?

My task is thus abandoned,
But the damage has been done,
For am instantly bombarded
With junk mail by the ton.

There are holidays to tempt me...
I've been mis-sold PPI.
The plans I need for "later life"
Will cash in when I die.

My home, it needs "upgrading".
I can learn another lingo.
I can play with bonus money
If I sign up with Wink Bingo.

For all manner of insurance
I can get a quick quotation...
I've been injured (so they tell me)
And "deserve" some compensation.

A psychic's seen my future:
"Good luck's due" she advises.
She's right because my inbox
Is jam packed with "claim now" prizes.

I've been "chosen" to receive a bunch
Of great "exclusive" offers.
Buying bags and shoes I do not need
Will drain our household coffers.

Casinos want my custom -
For free spins I've qualified.
Though I'm female and am married,
There awaits a Russian bride.

Wouldn't want to disappoint her,
Which is something we blokes dread,
But that discount on Viagra
Ought to help me out in bed!


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  4. I've been avoiding them for a while now and never got paid anything - nor did I ever win anything from those offering a prize. I had thought the spam emails had finally dried up but, a couple of days ago, was offered an Asian bride. You'd think, with all the clever algorithms, they'd have figured out by now that I'm female and don't need a bride from Russia, Asia or anywhere else! Mx

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