Sunday 29 June 2014

Stephanie's Hen Party

Steph is getting married
So we organised a bash.
The challenges we set her
Earned badges for a sash.

Drinking through straw spectacles,
A gallop (minus horse),
First aid with no bandage,
And accosting men (of course).

Making stylish outfits
With tatty stuff that clashes.
And finding blokes with facial hair,
To match six false moustaches.

Eating dangling donuts
(Use of hands was not allowed).
Pole dancing round lamp posts
(Thus attracting quite a crowd).

Stuffing flumps into the mouth,
And saying "chubby bunny".
The Selkirk Grace in Scottish
Making Rabbie Burns sound funny.

A portrait of fiancĂ©,
Brush between the teeth - how loony.
The likeness would have been quite good,
(If due to wed Wayne Rooney).

A quiz about her childhood,
Not as easy as you'd think,
With we hens no longer sober -
All had far too much to drink.

One challenge was to write a limerick about her intended, as follows:

At a party one warm summer's night.
I met Paul. It was love at first sight.
Now look where we've got.
We are tying the knot,
Which is good: he's a bit of alright!

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